Friday, August 1, 2008

Problem with Tivo Desktop

I like the Home Media Sharing options that come with my TiVo. It is quite nice to have the ability to record in HD, then transfer those recordings to my computer for use on the go. However, I do have a few problems with it.

1) File Size/Transfer Time
  • HD files are usually over 4 or 5 Gigabytes. This is understandable, as they would need to be very large, but TiVo needs to find a way to either make this transfer faster, or have a smaller version of the file. I do not have 2 HD TiVo's, so I cannot comment on the transfer time between TiVo's, but it takes a very long time to get to my computer (both TiVo and PC wired in)
2) Conversion
  • I bought the 25 dollar TiVo Desktop Plus upgrade because the idea of being able to convert things for iPod (now iPhone) was very intriguing. At first, with SD recordings, this worked decently well. A few warnings though. First -> Only do this on a machine ou do not plan to use. My Core 2 Duo takes a huge hit if I let it run on my main computer, which results in my computer becoming slow and unresposive. 2) Keep an eye on it. I want to be able to tell Tivo Desktop I want all my programs transferred, converted, and put in Folder X. It does not work that way, because the program is not nearly stable enough to hendle that.
3) Commercial Removal
  • It would be real nice if during this process, or even a seperate one, the TiVo software removed commercial. I have tried TVHarmony but thet can't find my Series 3 TiVo

What do you use to get your TiVo programs onto your iPhone or computer?

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