Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The iPhone 10MB Limit, and how it hurts apple.

So you are sitting in a doctor's office, and in the waiting time, you decide to browse the app store. The first problem, is that the app store is set up in a way that makes browsing it roughly as enhoyable as the route canal you will be experiencing in just a few minutes time. But alas, you troop through and find a game that you want to download to pass the time. You click to download only to get that lovely error message "This is over 10MB, please connect to a computer or wifi network".

It has gotten to the point now that if I find a game I like, I instinctively check its size, BEFORE I check the price. Because regardless of how much it costs, if I can't download it now, I dont want it. There are a lot of games and apps I have found (probably about 100 dollars worth) that if I could have downloaded them I would have, but Apple is effectively stopping the impulse buy, and making the user say, "Do I really need that?".

I am sure this is a restriction that AT&T came up with. But if they are going to enable tehtering, as they say they are, then why not throw us a bone here, and let us download our apps no matter the size.

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