Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I wanted to learn a bit more about using AJAX with PHP so I started working on something I wanted to have, a good budgeting web app. I want to see what other people think and if they might use it, so if I should keep building it as something for many users, or just for me. Here is the idea:

You enter a monthly budget (after you register, log in and click "Edit Budget", enter the categories of your budget and the amount (monthly) that you would have budgeted for that)

Then, as you spend money you enter it as transactions. (In the future I would have quicken/money file import, so it could do it automatically)

As transactions are entered, an overall summary is updated so that you can keep track of how your spending is going for that month.

It is very rough but I have decided to let people use it, I am sure it will break, but I want to get other peoples opinions.

I know that there are plenty of problems with it, so please while using it use short field names (problem 1), short descriptions (still works, but looks funky), and enter amounts in numerical values only. None of that should bring down the server but it may annoy you.

Please understand this is a VERY rough copy. I want to (and if there is interest, plan to) upgrade many of the things it does, as well as make it quite a bit nicer. This is just a feeler to see if people use/like it.

Here it is:

As a note...To edit an already entered transaction just click on it, to edit the budget click "Edit Budget" at top. Also, it is meant to keep track by month, so before entering a transaction that should apply to august, select August next to "Display data for" and click "Go"

Please let me know (via comment or email me budgetjax at gmail dot com) what you think and if I should keep working on it

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