Thursday, May 1, 2008

iPod: Very Low Battery! Screen...FIX!

So I found my (5G)ipod today and it was dead. No big deal I figure, just needs to be charged. After leaving it plugged in for multiple hours, it still wouldnt turn on and told me low battery. I tried a few different suggestions to fix, including:
  1. Use Xbox to charge
  2. Hold butons to get it to restart, then unplug.

Nothing seemed to work, so I, being upset that it wouldnt turn on, decided to take it apart.

Bright huh? I got it apart, and disconnected te 2 wires (carfully!!!) from the back to the main board.

I fiddled with it for a while and decided to put it back together and sell it as broken, well what do you know, when put back together, everything works, battery has been running for hours with no problems!!

For those of you that need step by step:

  1. CAREFULLY open ipod
  2. disconnect 2 cables from back case (battery) to man board
  3. leave disconnected for 15-20 minutes
  4. reconnect (harder than it sounds, because one of the cables connects under the HDD
  5. put back together (will display error on screen)
  6. Plug into iTunes and restore software

Hope this works for you!


Lozil said...

Had the Some what Same issue with friends iPOD 30GB.
very low battery screen and it tries to boot again restarts with very low Battery notice.
So Just Restarted it using select and menu button with charger connected a few times. Later Put the iPOD to Disc mode by disconnecting and restarting and booting with select and play button. It worked as the iPod got charged in disc mode. Now have to restore the Software using iTunes. hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue with iPod circa 2005 not really sure how old.
I disco'd the iPod and then restarted in disk mode and it is charging.


Jonathan said...

Wow. I am just now having this issue with my iPhone and came across your blog post from last year. You're describing my issue exactly. Shows the low battery screen but no attempts to reset or hook it up to my computer will work.

Very nervous about taking it apart and doing the motherboard trick...but I know if I take it to the Apple Store those scavangers will just tell me it's broken and make my buy another. Vultures.

I'm going to keep tinkering for a few minutes before I go to drastic measures.

monkay said...

it worked with me, after i disconnet the battery cable i left it disconnect for 15 minutes then i connect everything and then i connect the ipod in the usb. nothing happened at the beginning but then! the apple icon appeared lol! and it was working!

james said...

i did the same thing nothing happened same screen wont go out of it cant even get it to disk mode and laptop wont recoginize it this sucks

Phillip Lewis said...

!!!! A+++ !!!!
WELL DONE AND THANK YOU...from saving me from Apple hell....

Pedo_Bear said...

after 6 months i did this my ipod stopped working...

Anonymous said...

This is a really good tip. Worked for me thanks