Saturday, May 3, 2008

Browser wars all over again...

Every time I reformat, I find myself wondering which browser I am going to use. Now that I have vista, I have to admit, the IE7 experience is pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. I have also downloaded and installed, Safari, Firefox, and Firefox3 beta 5. I figured I would try some of them out and see what I liked or didn't.

The first problem, believe it or not, was hardware. Well not hardware so much as software that supports it. I have a Upek fingerprint reader that came built in to my Dell XPS. I love it, it makes logging in easy, and I dont need to be storing passwords in Firefox or IE. I also am able to back up the passwords to a disk. I realize this can be done with firefox but Upek does the most important thing, they make it easy. Unfortunately, I was unable to find plugins for Firefox 3 or Safari, so they got scratched immediately (although I really like what I have seen so far from Safar, I used to own a mac and they do it pretty damn well.)

So that leaves IE and Firefox.

I have to say that for most users, IE is great. Good integration with windows, and a pretty decent user experience. I dont really use too many plugins or anything, I tend to stick to the core browser functions pretty much, something that both IE and Firefox do well. Where Firefox wins out is the profiles. The fact that I cant easily do profiles for different people without switching users in IE is a major downfall. Bad enought that it means I will be back on firefox.

Hopefully the Upek guys will pump out Safari and Firefox3 plugins soon so I can use those instead!

If you have any of the plugins for htose, let me know!

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